The A-Line Dress – Overlocking & Final Preparation


Once you have cut out your pattern, instead of cutting your notches we like to mark them with a coloured pencil on the inside of the garment. We find that, this way, if you are going to overlock the pieces, you will still be able to see the pencil marks on the garment instead of the notches being overlocked over. Handy right?

Remember you also need to mark your dart notches and points on the wrong side of the fabric on the front and back bodice pieces. To mark the dart point, push a pin through the pattern piece and on to the fabric then mark the point.


We recommend you overlock / zigzag the raw edges of your fabric pieces.

The pieces you don’t need to overlock are:

  • the inner curve of the front and back facing
  • the side seams of the front bodice (we’ll first sew the dart and then overlock so keep your overlocker out)
  • the neckline curve of the front bodice

Another little tip we always like to give our avid seamstresses is; before starting a sewing project try to read the pattern instructions all the way through as sometimes a step makes more sense when you see the following step.  If you don’t have time or don’t want to read the whole instruction manual, at least read / look at the pictures for the section you are working on. We promise it will be worth it.

WOW! Our gorgeous dress is ready to sew. Fill up your bobbins and get your sewing machine ready and meet us back here next Saturday where we are going to dive straight in and start making this dress.

How has it been so far for you? Which fabric did you choose? Do you need any help??

Don’t forget to share your progress with us either with comments or if you’re sharing your pics with us on social media use the hashtag #sewingthealine or sewingthea-linedress and tag us @theavidseamstress so we can follow what you are making!


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