the blouse – adjusting the bicep

This tutorial will demonstate how to adjust the bicep of The Blouse if the bicep is too tight.

Alteration achieved – Bust becomes 4cm bigger / bicep 2cm bigger

PATTERN PIECES NEEDED – A Front / B Back / C Sleeve


Place a piece of paper underneath the FRONT A so that you have enough paper underneath the armhole and side seam.

At the armhole, measure out and mark 1cm to extend the underarm 1cm.

From this 1cm extension, draw the new side seam line down to nothing at the hem.

Repeat on the Back B piece.


The sleeve on the left hand side is the FRONT sleeve and the sleeve on the right hand side is the BACK sleeve.

Place a piece of pattern paper underneath the sleeve underarm seams.

Add 1cm at the upper sleeve edge and draw the new sleeve to nothing at the hem.

Repeat on the opposite side of the sleeve.

Should you have any questions or need additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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