The Coat – Sizing, Notches, Interfacing


Sizing – as The Coat has a lot of ease allowed in the finished garment measurements, we advise that you make the smaller of the sizing once you have taken your measurements. As the sleeves are drop sleeves, if you make the coat too big the sleeve will drop too far off your shoulders, making the coat look “too big” for you.

In our tutorial, we have used a 100% wool fabric.

The right side of the fabric is spotty and the wrong side has a geometric print.


We prefer to mark the notches instead of cutting into the fabric. When overlocking, the overlocking stitches can hide the notches that have been cut out. Cutting into the fabric can also make the fabric slightly stretch.


Interfacing should be applied to the wrong sides of the fabric first. Ensure that your iron is not too hot. Place a scrap piece of fabric on to the ironing board to protect it before applying the interfacing. Press the iron down in sections instead of moving the iron across the interfacing/fabric.