The Coat – Pockets & Side Seams



With the right sides of the front panels facing you, line up the pockets using the notches. Sew the pockets to the garment using a 1cm seam allowance. You may need to increase the seam allowance to allow you to sew past the binding.

Once sewn, open out the pocket pieces and, if the fabric allows, press/iron flat. To keep the pocket flat, understitch the pressed/ironed pocket.


TIP – due to the piping, it is easier to sew this section with your zipper presser foot, otherwise, your standard presser foot will struggle to sew next to the binding.

Place the side panels right sides together and match up the top edge, the hem, notches and pockets. The curved panel will fit perfectly into the front panel. Just take your time and pin in place as you shape this piece. Sew in place using a 1.5cm seam allowance.

When you reach the pocket, pivot and sew keeping all the seam allowances facing towards the pocket. If you are using thick fabric, reverse stitch over the seam allowances to reinforce the section. If your fabric is thick, clip into the curve of the side panel to help shape this piece.

When you open out this piece from the right side there is a neat curved shape at the front side and the fabric edges should meet up perfectly.