The Coat – Binding & Overlocking



Before sewing, some of the edges will need to be bound. See our guide for how to add binding and which sections to pre-bind.

How to add binding:

Pre-made binding is great to use for the coat but worth noting that you will need a lot! For size 4 we used around 20 metres – gulp!

Bind the edges with the right side of the fabric facing you. Place the binding so that the fabric edge is next to the halfway mark on the binding. Once turned your fabric edge should fit snugly inside the binding. Do a few test pieces before you start binding your edges.

Sections of the coat to pre-bind:

A – FRONT – side panel only

B – FRONT SIDE – both panels

C – BACK – both side edges

E – POCKET – all edges


Overlock the sleeve curves of C (Back), B (Front Side) and A (Front).

Then, overlock all edges of D – Sleeve
























Overlock the side seams and armhole curve of the G (back facing)