Getting ready to sew The A-Line Dress

Hey there seamstresses!

We hope you love our A-Line Dress sewing pattern as much as we do. To celebrate it in true style we’ve decided to do a step-by-step sew-a-long for our lovely customers to follow.

We hope you’ll join us and that the process of making your very own beautiful A-line dress will be all the more enjoyable because of it. You are welcome to post questions and share your experience along the way.

Firstly, you need the pattern – you can order it from our shop either as a printed pattern or a PDF/digital pattern.  With PDF/digital patterns there’s no waiting for the postman, you simply print and assemble at home. 

Haven’t got it yet? Click on your choice below to grab your copy!


Once you have your pattern you’ll need to decide – are you going to make the shorter version (perfect for a summer dress) or the longer version (gorgeous for a wedding dress outfit or work dress ).

Then the fun part, you’ll need to choose some fabric. The thing we love most about the A-line dress is that it is suitable for a number of light weight and medium weight fabrics such as; wovens, chambray, crepes, silk, viscose and cottons. So really, the choices are endless – hooray for hours in the fabric store making decisions. If you need some inspiration check out our fabric suggestions for this amazing dress here. If you need to check the fabric requirements see our chart below.

Along with your fabric the sewing notions you will are need are: thread, either a 56cm/22in or a 60cm/23in invisible/concealed zipper, an invisible zipper foot, and a hand needle for finishing.

What do we mean by invisible or concealed zipper? The “teeth” of the zipper are on the “wrong” side.

Raglan Adult instructions by The Avid Seamstress

It’s really important to note that you must get an invisible zipper. An invisible zipper is totally different to a standard zipper and the application for inserting it in to the garment are completely different too! You can put an invisible zipper in to a garment using a standard zipper foot, however,  if you want an incredible finish it’s worth buying an invisible zipper foot for your machine. They aren’t expensive and you will never look back! (PS our instructions show you how to use both feet).

On the left is an invisible zipper foot and on the right, a standard zipper foot.

A-Line Dress instructions by The Avid Seamstress

Once you’ve selected your fabric please follow the garment care instructions, it may need to be hand or machine washed before you use it. If, after washing the fabric, it’s very creased – give it a lovely iron to prepare it to be cut.

Grab all the things you need, get your sewing machine and area ready and get ready to make a really beautiful dress.

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  1. We will be away from the 17 May returning on the 30 May – will I be able to access this on my return? Trish C Denby Dale West Yorkshire

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