The A-Line Dress Sew-A-Long – Shoulder Seams, Facing, Pockets,

A-Line Dress Sew A Long

Welcome back! Your A-Line Dress should be taking shape nicely! Today we’re jumping in and doing a lot so we hope your sewing machine is ready! We’ll be joining the dress at the shoulder seams, and constructing, attaching, under-stitching and finishing the neck facing. Then, we we be moving to the skirt; attaching the pockets […]

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The A-Line Dress Sew-A-Long – Darts, Back Bodice & Invisible Zip

The A-Line Dress Sew-A-Long

Welcome back! We have been looking forward to today and we can’t wait to get started sewing the gorgeous A-Line Dress today! Still haven’t got the pattern? Buy your version here and join our Sew-A-Long: Need some fabric inspiration? We’ve sourced some gorgeous options for this pretty dress – have a look here! If you’ve […]

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The A-Line Dress Sew-A-Long – layplans, fabric, pinning and cutting

… you ready to start pinning your pieces and cutting them out? Exciting! If you have just joined us head over to the start of our sew-a-long and catch up – we’re not rushing ahead and you can join at any point! Have you worked with a layplan before? The purpose of a layplan is […]

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Getting you ready for The A-Line Dress Sew-A-Long – 20th May

Hey there seamstresses! We hope you love our recently released A-Line Dress sewing pattern as much as we do. To celebrate it in true style we’ve decided to do a week by week sew-a-long for our lovely customers to follow. It begins on 20th May and we hope you’ll join us and that the process of […]

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