What are darts?
A “dart” is used to shape fabric, often where there is small amount of excess fabric
or when a more tailored look is required. A dart is usually created to shape the
bust, waist, hip or elbow curve.

There are two types of darts;
“triangle shape” which is wide at the top and pointed at the end “shaped” dart which starts with a point, widening in the middle and ending with a point (often found on dress patterns).

A badly sewn dart will result in the fabric puckering on the right side. A perfect
dart will be straight and smooth and will be barely visible from the right side.

We’ve drawn the shape to illustrate.
How to sew darts
Pinch the top two  notches so that they  meet and pin.  Place a pin on the dot and  you  will  see  that  the  fabric forms a straight line from the dot up to the fold between the top notches.
Inserting darts into trousers
You know what? There are no “RULES” – if it helps you to create the perfect dart then why not  draw  the  line from  the  top  notch  to  the  dot.  The line should extend off the fabric at the dot.  The  line  of  sewing  needs  to  be  a perfect straight line from notch to dot otherwise the dart will pucker. Stitch in place.
Inserting darts into trousersInserting darts into trousers
1.4. View from right side (sorry almost impossible to see with this print!).
Inserting darts into trousers

We’ll add info on SHAPED DARTS soon!