1:1 Tuition


Would you like your own sewing lesson in the comfort of your own home or join me in my gorgeous studio.

Whether you are a beginner or just want to freshen up your skills, I would be delighted to tailor the lessons around you.

Perhaps you need someone to teach you how to use your machine, or guide you through a project you would like to create.

Want to learn overlocking skills? Or become an expert on putting in zips or piping – learn at your own pace!

Always needing to turn up trousers or make adjustments to clothes that you have bought? I can show you how to make adjustments so that you can save money by doing this yourself!

Learn on your own machine or one of my Elna or Pfaff machines.

Minimum 2 hour booking on private lessons.

Skill level: None required

When: Evenings: Monday, Thursday, Friday / Weekends: Saturday, Sunday

Timings: Minimum 2 hours

Cost: £40 for 2 hours

2 thoughts on “1:1 Tuition

  1. Li, come and teach me to sew. I have my own machine. I cannot even thread it. I don’t want to be a non sewer forever. I need yooooooooo

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