Tracing a pattern

The bonus of buying a shop bought pattern is that it comes in a few sizes  – so – if you think this is something that you can make a few times in different sizes (for example a little girls dress that you can remake as she grows  bigger and bigger) then I suggest tracing the pattern in the size you want instead of cutting it out on the original paper. This way you will have the original pattern that you can retrace in the sizes as you need them.

For the purpose of this example I am using a Kwik Sew pattern K3864.

Front of pattern

You can select your size from the back of the patter and then you are ready to trace:

Back of pattern

Unfold your pattern that you want to trace. I always iron the pattern on a cool heat to remove the creases that have been made from being folded in the envelope.

Full pattern out

I think the best pattern paper to buy to trace patterns is the Burda Style Tissue Paper- it doesn’t tear and its so easy to see the pattern underneath that you are tracing. The one I have bought (from Jaycotts) has 5 sheets of 150cm x110cm – quite a lot. I’ve only used half a sheet to trace the tunic pattern.

Burda pattern paper (6)

Iron your tracing paper too and then lay it flat on the pattern you are tracing, on a nice flat surface with good light.

Pattern paper over pattern

Very important – when cutting or tracing pattern pieces always follow the same size on all lines and pieces. Never cut between sizes or try to “blend” the sizes together.

Select the size you are going to trace and make sure you copy all of the writing, arrows, lines on the pattern (even the smallest triangles mean a lot – you will see when you are putting it all together later!). No shortcuts.

Its easy to not worry about tracing the “Grain of fabric” arrow marking – this is extremely important as its showing you the direction the pattern needs to be laid on the fabric. Make sure you trace this arrow line exactly as it is on the pattern.

Grain of fabric

Here is your finished traced piece:

Pattern copied

And here is the finished dress!

Kwiksew 3864 Back Kwiksew 3864 Front


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