Fabric shopping ONLINE

The Avid Seamstress

Buying Fabric ONLINE

There are so many great online shops that sell fabric – in fact sometimes it’s an easier way to browse as you can see all the options from the comfort of your chair. How many hours I have lost by browsing, browsing, browsing and dreaming of buying every piece of fabric I love!

Online shopping is great, especially when you are familiar with fabrics – ie knowing what the difference between 100% cotton and poly cotton (cotton and polyester mix) is. If you know what you are looking for – go for it!

However, I do love to feel a fabric and see it “in real life”.  There’s me with rolls and rolls of fabric in my arms and a wild look in my eye – and there’s my husband standing next to me counting how much I’m potentially about to spend. Reluctantly I have to put…

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