What a launch!

There have been so many emotions leading up to the launch of our patterns – we have been buzzing! Turning up to a very purple stand at the Excel in London, we couldn’t wait to get started! A few floorboards, posters, lighting, black fleece from the great fabric shop opposite us, Avid Seamstress products and we were ready………


Over the last three days we have met the most wonderful people. We’d like to thank everyone that came and chatted to us at our stand, we’ve loved talking to you about our patterns, your love for sewing or your new found interest in this amazing art. We’d like to put out a special mention to June, who bought the first pattern. June you are wonderful – we are honoured you were our first customer.
IMG_1501[1]IMG_1532[1]  IMG_1539[1]  IMG_1530[1]
We were delighted to win a bottle of wine for our stand and just overwhelmed at the wonderful response we have received. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
It’s been an incredible journey and it’s only just starting. Thank you to everyone that has supported us through this amazing time, thank you to my wonderful husband, amazing friends that became my models and my gorgeous niece who modelled like a pro! Thank you to Zoe, Laura and Rhianna for being awesome at the show.
Happy sewing everyone, we hope you love our patterns as much as we have loved making them! We’d love to see your creations so please send us your pics!

Lisa, The Avid Seamstress


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