Would you like to see what an Avid Seamstress sewing pattern includes?

Would you like to see what comes in an Avid Seamstress sewing pattern? #sew #sewing #avidseamstress #sewingpattern #beginner

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When you purchase an Avid Seamstress pattern, you will receive a beautiful string tied envelope that includes the sewing pattern, printed on high quality pattern paper (this paper irons beautifully and doesn’t tear). A step-by-step instruction booklet that will take you through the journey of creating one of our garments.
You’ll also receive a guide on how to take measurements, a guide on sewing basics such as grainline, cutting on the fold and what the illustration keys mean plus all those sewing terms demystified. Plus a checklist to ensure you have everything you need before you start your lovely project!
All our contact and social media information so that you can share your project with us!
We love sewing at the Avid Seamstress and hope you enjoy our sewing patterns.


  1. Nice to see what the whole package looks like – I can’t wait until it’s time to start ordering and stocking the shop, and I get to touch all of the pretty things!

    1. Hi Kalle! I can’t wait to see what your pretty shop is going to look like!

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