What did you say?

The Avid Seamstress studio is buzzing! We’ve been devouring every word that was written in our sewing survey and want to share some amazing insights and news with you.

Did you take part in our survey? We think you are amazing! Thank you for your time, your incredible insights and for sharing your sewing experiences with us.

We had responses from all over the world including; Arizona, Australia, Barcelona, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Scotland and our lovely home United Kingdom. Here are some of our take outs and some exciting news.

It looks like sewing means a lot to you, and you do it for some a variety of reasons;

  • To make clothes that fit you properly
  • To feel proud wearing something you have made
  • To unwind
  • To be creative
  • You care about our planet and want to use sustainable, ethical fabrics to create your clothing, alongside a pattern range that allows your style to be unique

You said “I just can’t explain it, I just have to sew” and “waking up in the morning makes me want to sew!” – we feel the same way!

When you buy a sewing pattern, this is what’s important to you:

  • Cover aesthetic
  • fit
  • price
  • simplicity of the instruction manual.

When we started designing our sewing pattern range we focused on providing you with the best pattern paper, a fully detailed instruction booklet and handy cards with invaluable information such as taking measurements, sewing basics and a checklist before you start your project. Plus we wanted to put this all in a gorgeous big envelope that you can open and re-use again and again. We didn’t skimp on quality which means you are getting a top end product.

You said “Very impressed! I initially felt very guilty paying so much for one pattern but was extremely impressed with the quality and packaging when it arrived and have already made 6 dresses from it…currently on my seventh so I think it has paid its own way already!”

Reviews mean a lot to you and could even be the decider on whether you purchase the pattern!

The reviews we have had speak for themselves – you can find them under each pattern description on our website but here are our favourite:

The Raglan Sewing pattern



The Raglan Adult

A very versatile pattern. I’ve made it in a linen fabric and intend another in denim. Size was good for me.

A lovely straightforward pattern with nice shoulder detail. Quality of the pattern and instruction book and the stylish design.






The Day Dress

Aileen C
High quality product, lots of helpful hints and tips with additional online support. Loved the clear and comprehensive instructions.

A great addition to my collection of patterns. I’ve already made three! Great, clear instructions and diagrams.

Beautiful packaged design which made it feel like a present. Printed on strong paper with very clear instructions. A delight to use.



The Sheath Dress



The Sheath Dress

Fabulous package. The attention to detail in the instructions is amazing.

I’ve just finished my first dress from the Sheath Dress pattern and am over the moon with the results. This is without doubt the best pattern I have found in a long time and one that I will be using time again.




You shared your dream garment to make with us and we can’t wait to share our next patterns with you as we can see we will be ticking quite a few people’s dream garment makes!

Our next patterns are going to push you a little further, teach you some new things and let your creativity soar! Here’s a sneak peak of our next two patterns!

The Aline Dress sewing pattern
The A-Line Dress
The Shift Dress
The Shift Dress




We told you about our Avid Seamstress of the month competition – where you can win your next pattern free just by sharing your make on our social media platforms. This is a great way to show other people how you have bought our patterns to life! (click on the pic for more info)




What’s next?
We are in contact with fabric stores around the world to get our patterns more accessible to you! Plus we are delighted to tell you that PDF patterns and gift vouchers are coming very soon!

We’re planning  regular newsletters, tutorials, pattern hacks, vlogs and fabric recommendations and will be sharing more pictures of pattern makes that you lovely seamstresses have made.

So, how does sewing make you feel?

Now the important stuff! We have winners from all over the world! We were so bowled over by the amount of people that took part that we have increased our thank you prizes from 10 to 15! If you have won we will be in touch by email.

We’re also delighted to let you know that we are offering free UK shipping until midnight UK time 28 February. Enter SHIPFREE at checkout. 

Every word, every comment and insight that you have shared will help us to become a better brand for you! Thank you! So much more to come……..


Happy sewing!
The Avid Seamstress Team



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