Washi Tape Pattern Weights

Once you have seen how quick and easy these washi tape pattern weights are, you will simply need to have them in your life!

All you need are some heavy duty metal washers and some washi tape. We used galvanized (finished) washers that were just under 4.5cm in diameter and 2mm thick and then just some standard washi tape. You could also use brightly coloured electrical tape too as this is super sticky and hard wearing.

  • Stack your washers. We put two together but if you want some extra weight you could use three.

  • Once they are stacked, cut yourself a number of short strips of tape, and start wrapping it around the washers, taking care when you go through the middle the tape doesn’t get stuck to itself.  Unfortunately you can’t just wrap using the roll of tape as it won’t fit through the middle of the washers. How long you cut your strips is up to you, just be careful they aren’t so long that they’ll get tangled up.

  • Keep wrapping until you’re satisfied all the metal is covered. The run you finger along the inner and outside edges making sure everything is nice and smooth. Voila! Now you’re ready to cut out your pattern without raiding the rocks from your plant pots, lids, children’s toys or even chocolate bars.





















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