Wedding Ready – Sam’s Shift Dress

Hey there lovely Avid Seamstresses.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sam and I’m the in-house blogger for The Avid Seamstress team.

Our new Shift Dress is a must make and, whilst browsing for fabric, I fell head over heels in love with this gorgeous yellow Atelier Brunette Modal called Summer Swoon from the fantastic store that is Meter Meter. I knew it was a dream combination for the Shift Dress so promptly ordered it! Here it is in the black version!

While waiting for the fabric to arrive I took my measurements and cut the pattern ready to sew. I think I must have read through the instruction booklet a good few times before actually making the dress, so I was more than ready when it did arrive – thank you Meter Meter!

Of course, I was a good seamstress and washed the fabric before cutting it.

Then I was off, I cut my pieces and started constructing. I really love the colour photos in our Shift Dress instructions and I think they really add something. They also ensure that it is always clear whether you’re using the right or wrong side of the fabric.


The construction of the Shift Dress really is painless. We guide you through step-by-step, even with those pesky invisible zips that we’re always so afraid of. The dress comes together seamlessly (sorry, couldn’t help myself!). I’ll admit to having to unpick one back piece waist seam because it didn’t match up exactly with the pleat, and we all know how much more satisfying it is when they do match.


Other than that I was flying. I did a few pin fits along the way just to make sure I was getting the result I wanted and before I knew it I was sewing up my side seams and hemming (the weather was beautiful so I moved my sunny yellow dress outside, where it belongs, for this bit!)


I’m quite short (5ft 2”) and I’ll admit I usually wear all my dresses above my knee. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the length of the Shift Dress on me, and was assuming I’d need to shorten it a lot. Well, it turns out, she’s absolutely perfect as she is and that low back is just the best piece of the puzzle.

The modal fabric from Meter Meter was very light and I was expecting it to be tricky to work with but, honestly, once I’d got the tension right and was using a new, sharp, fine needle it was a breeze. The fabric feels lovely against the skin and will be great for wearing in the heat. I will say that it is relatively see-through so you might want to consider lining the skirt, or just do what I did and wear a light slip/underskirt under it.

Talking of heat, I’m now all ready for the wedding in Greece I’m taking my Shift Dress to…and perhaps every other event I have coming up for the next however long.

Here she is, my Shift Dress:


I really enjoyed making the Shift Dress, I hope this inspires you to go out there and make your own.

Haven’t bought you Shift Dress yet? Grab it and sew it up to enter our amazing competition – we are offering two lucky people the chance to win a bundle of our sewing patterns!

All you have to do is make The Shift Dress and photograph it out and about, tagging us and using hashtags #avidseamstresscompetition #theshiftdress#ilovetheshiftdress before 13 August!

On 15 August we’ll announce the winners! Good luck and we can’t wait to see what you make!


competition to win sewing patterns






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