The Avid Makers: Deepa’s Blazer

Hello Everyone! Its me Deepa and I am really glad to be writing this post sharing my experience
on making my first blazer!

I had seen a lot of real cool makes of the Avid seamstress blazer pattern on the gram and was
intrigued to try it myself! But to be honest, although I have been into dressmaking for a long time, I haven’t made too many outerwear garments and a blazer with a notched lapel and lining was something totally new to me!

I have made the Drop sleeve top pattern and the raglan top pattern by The Avid Seamstress and I
really loved those instructions. With the blazer too I was totally impressed at the way the steps
were broken down into simple steps that I could handle and make my first blazer without using
the seam ripper (our best friend !).

Fabric choices – I wanted a really light weight blazer for two reasons. I wanted to eliminate
sewing bulk and also staying in the tropics calls for minimal outerwear! The blazer pattern is one
such patterns which has immense potential for COLOR BLOCKING(This trend never goes out
of fashion-Hurrah!).

Here are some ideas I jotted down before I started off:

  1. Theme based color blocking – Upper bodice , lower bodice and sleeves in
    different colors. But maintaining a color theme like pastels.
  2. Different shades of same color – Same color fabric but using a different shade for
    the upper and lower pattern pieces.
  3. Print blocking – Using a printed fabric majorly and a solid color fabric for the lower
    pieces and the undersleeve.

I liked almost every idea so I had to make some quick sketches to help me choose. Finally, with
Spring season round the corner in my country I decided to go with the floral. I chose to use solid
yellow in khadi cotton for the bottom panels and the undersleeve and the undersleeve cuff. I
chose a soft white khadi fabric for the lining.

As I already mentioned, the instructions made the construction a cake walk. Being such a
newbie into making blazers , I think I was just a little confused with the very last step of pressing
the hem but Lisa sorted it out for me in no time. And here is my blazer .. Pretty! being hung

Alterations I made – I shortened the sleeve cuff by 2inches and also the lower panels by 2
inches. None apart from these. I am very comfortable with the fit. Here is a pic of me digging
into those perfect pockets.

Its got a perfect casual look and fits just like how it looks on the envelope. Here is the back and
side views. I like it , the cool undersleeves in contrast colors!

There are lot of steps which demystify the construction process for the collar and much more . I am not revealing any of that here and spoil the suspense. Hope you will experience it while making the blazer pattern yourself. I am now considering making the pastel color blocked
version too. Happy sewing.

Deepa, we are absolutely bowled over by the amount of effort you have put into this incredible make. Your creativity really shines through and we are super proud to showcase this pretty and beautifully made Blazer. Thank you Deepa.

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