The Sheath Dress Sew-A-Long: 3. Inner Pockets & Side Seam

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Getting started with the Sheath Dress
Invisible zip

Skip this section if you are not putting in inner pockets and move to SIDE SEAM instructions below.

1. Place B right side facing you.
2. Place your inner pocket F pieces RST matching up the pocket notches. Sew the pocket to the dress on the side seam only –using a 1cm seam allowance.
3. Repeat on the front A. Once sewn, iron the pocket pieces open to the side.

4. Place A and B right sides together. Only pin the right hand side of the
dress, as we need to open it out to add the pocket casing. Pin the side seam
of your dress starting from the sleeve, matching up the waistband notches,
the pockets and the hem. At the pocket, mark the side seam and
pocket seam allowance 1.5cm. Where the seam allowance marks cross each
other is where we will pivot when we sew this section.IMG_0788 IMG_0787
5. Sew this section.
6. Snip into the seam allowance on the underarm curve and
iron open the seam allowance.

If you are not putting in inner pockets, sew as above, ignoring the
pocket opening notches.

Next step.. Elastic Casing